Ups and downs! Four domestic chipmakers announced price increases on the same day

                                        Column:Industry news Time:2021-06-04 Source:

                                        According to four screenshots provided by enthusiastic readers, Shilanwei, Zhipu Core Alliance, Renate, Shanghai Fudan Micro, the four domestic chip manufacturers issued the same "chip price adjustment notice letter" on May 31.

                                        Regarding the reasons for the price increase, all four manufacturers said: Due to the tight semiconductor supply chain, the whole line out of stock, upstream wafer and packaging costs rose further, resulting in the company's product cost pressure is increasing. In order to maximize supply chain capacity to meet customer demand, the four chip manufacturers had to adjust the price of existing products, "this is the company to cope with the current market changes in the helpless action."

                                        As for the specific increase, Shilanwei and Shanghai Fudan Micro have not yet been announced, recommended downstream customers and the company's sales staff to communicate. And Think Tank announced that the full range of products in the original sales price on the basis of a rise of 15%-30%, the specific price will be based on the sales staff quotation. Renate decided to increase the price of the product by 5%-20%, depending on the actual product model.

                                        In the adjustment time, both Thinkstock and Renate are implementing the new price from May 31st, while Shilanwei and Shanghai Fudan Micro 2 have decided to implement the price adjustment from June 1st.

                                        As for the specific categories of products that have increased their prices, Renate has not yet announced, saying only "some products". According to the official website, Renate's product line includes secure encryption chips, low-power secure MCUs, drive chips, NFCs and control chips for automotive electronics, intelligent transportation, the Internet of Things, mobile payments and biometrics.

                                        Zhipu core link is a full range of products to raise prices. According to the official website, core joint products are divided into switching power supply, LED lighting, consumer three series, more than 100 products, mainly used in switching power supply, lighting, household appliances, communication terminals and finished and other fields. It is worth mentioning that the core link emphasizes that all outstanding orders are executed at the new price (including prepaid customers).

                                        The price adjustment is only for LED lighting drive products. The rest of the product line has no adjustment information, including discrete device finished products, IPM intelligent power modules, IGBT and other power modules, AC-DC circuits, and so on. Slant points out that shipments on June 1st will start implementing new prices.

                                        Shanghai Fudan Micro is the safety and identification of products division of all products price adjustment. It is reported that Fudan microelectronics security and identification product line is from the smart card and RFID product line development, relying on independent research and development of RF, memory and security anti-attack technology, has formed RFID and storage, intelligent and security and intelligent identification equipment and other three product lines. To date, more than 4 billion chips have been shipped. Shanghai Fudan added that the price adjustment, which includes previously uncomplised orders and new orders, will be executed at adjusted prices.